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check out the source code version! it is for XNA 4.0 and is more powerful than the current binary version.

Project Description
Shapes is a powerful library for XNA. It allows to easily create different kinds of shapes via code.
It makes the game development much easier because it provides useful functionality like collision detection or movment along the outline of a shape.
many samples are included.

Please check out the Documentation tab for further information.

  • create Drawing like...
    • Dots
    • Lines
    • LineStrips
  • or Shapes like...
    • Rectangles
    • Ellipses / Circles
    • Triangles
    • Polygons
    • Shapes made from Sprites (ColorMaps / Alpha Culling)
    • Combine those Shapes in different ways to create a new one
  • Use Templates (e.g. for Stars or Arrows)
  • Display them filled
  • Display the Border of them with a customizable Brush
  • Powerful Collision Detection
  • Let the Characters of your game walk along the Outline of a Shape
  • Well XML-Tag Documented
  • Many Samples
  • for PC, XBOX 360 and ZUNE

Projects using the Shapes Library:
Mass Effects
Siliciumbrain Gui

class diagramm

the following screenshots are shots from the samples coming along with the library
path.jpg collision2.jpg

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